Xidia Gold
Map Pack Info
Developer Team Phalanx
No. of Maps XI: 8 XE: 9
Release Date 2001 (X) 2002 (XG)
Game Info
Game Platform Unreal Tournament
Engine Unreal Engine 1.0
Team Members
Mapper(s) Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker

Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong

Artist(s) Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong

Will "Mr.Prophet Drekker

Tom "GMotha" Goetschalckx

Coder(s) Aaron "UsAaR33" Staley
Voice Actor(s) Will "Mr. Prophet Drekker

"Mr. Cope"

Xidia Gold is a Partial Conversion for Unreal Tournament by Team Phalanx.

Level ListEdit

The Xidia Incident:

1.Orbit by Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker

2. Landing by Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker

3. Outpost Pheonix by Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker

4. Beneath Xidia by Hourences and Mr.Prophet

5. Derelict Underground by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong

6. Derelict Surface by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong

7. Darklord by Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker

Xidia- Exodus by Mr.Prophet and Hourences

Xidia: The Escape:

Spencer's Awakening by Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker

1. Self-Destruct by Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker

2. Underground Railroad by Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker, converted from AS-Hispeed

3. Return to Outpost Pheonix Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker, base segment from AS-Frigate

4. The Dead Mines by Mr.Prophet, reusing cave segments made by Hourences

5. The Genome Warriors by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong

6. Black Widow by Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker

7. Beacon by Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker

Spencer's Escape by Mr.Prophet and Hourences



Mining Tool

Pulse Gun (Xidia)




Lieutenant Ethan Crowley

Morgan Spencer

Lieutenant Cray


Xidia Gold scored relatively well compared to the other mods around at the time.


Xidia Gold


  • In the first draft of Xidia, it was called "The Outpost Pheonix Saga".