Described as "the rankest prison transport vessel this side of the Milky Way," the UMS Vortex Rikers was a spacefaring prison vessel headed for one of the prison moons in the year 2196. However, it didn't make it to its intended destination, instead being pulled into the planet of Na Pali and crash landing there, causing many casualties.

Known CrewEdit

Ash - Guard

William Bradford - Sergeant

R. Bijl - Guard

L. Goenarov

Mac Harrison - Commander


J. Kroon - Captain

N. Onatop

J. Strang - Cook

N. Vos

B. v Wely - Guard

M. v Wely - Guard

Known PrisonersEdit

Prisoner 849

James Cavanaugh - Prisoner 853

Boris Clague

Drago - Prisoner 327

Jonas Gershwin - Prisoner 842

Benjamin Nathaniel


See AlsoEdit

Vortex Rikers (Map)

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