The Triamid Ruins is a map created by Turboman for UnrealSP's 11th Anniversary Mapping Contest, winning first place. Its fourth and final incarnation includes an introduction map and an ending map, as well as an updated version of the original release. It has been greatly praised for its creative use of stock Unreal content.

Level ListEdit

1. Arriving at the Triamid ruins

2. The Triamid Ruins

3. Escaping the Triamid Ruins (Cutscene only)

The StoryEdit

You are an archeologist, this is your first assignment beyond Earth, your objective is a distant moon where archeologists have found strange alien structures. The map starts onboard a spaceship, after a nine month journey you finally arrive. You are dropped off on the planet and you have to find the archeologists you're supposed to work with... unfortunately there's nobody to be found, alive that is.