The Scarred One
Biographical Information
Homeworld Sk'rath
Died 2225
Physical Description
Species Skaarj
Gender Male
Hair Colour Grey
Eye Colour Red (one cybernetic)
Skin Colour Dark Grey
Chronological & Factional Information
Affiliation The Skaarj Empire (formerly), Independent
"We have to stop meeting like this..."
―Jones — SpeakericonListen (file info)[src]
Also known as "the Ghost of Oraghar" or "the Rogue," the Scarred One is the name given to a Skaarj nomad who harbors a desire to kill. The Scarred One was one of the first Skaarj to descend upon the planet Na Pali. The Prophet Haute describes him as one who had lived by a strict warrior code. In time, the Scarred One came to believe that his clan had lost its way when it abandoned its noble warrior heritage to become "scavengers and slaveholders." The Scarred One turned against his own kind, killing many of his fellow Skaarj in a great battle. His wounds would have killed him, but he was kept alive by an unknown mechanical race (possibly the Mercenaries) that had also "fallen from the stars." From that point on, the Scarred One wandered the wastes of Oraghar in search of worthy prey.

Eventually, he made his way onto the ISV-Kran and slaughtered most of the Skaarj Bloodpack clan, including Lord Ryth, he eventually came into conflict with Jones. Marking the USM soldier as a worthy foe, the Scarred One frequently appeared to Jones, taunting him. Twice, the Scarred One fought Jones, but was forced to retreat. In the third and final battle with Jones, the Scarred One was able to greatly wound the human soldier at the cost of his own life; he was shot in the head at pointblank range by Jones' Quadshot.


Thanks in part to the mechanical augmentation he received, the Scarred One is a resilient foe and is able to take a considerable amount of punishment. The Scarred One's most noteworthy trait is his glowing red eye, which serves as a replacement to the eye he lost in battle centuries ago.


  • The Scarred One makes a cameo appearance in Project Zephon - The Extreme Battle. Referred to as subject 113X, the Scarred One's body was recovered from Na Pali and transferred to Skaarj facilities on Zephon with the intent of dissecting him. Messages left by Skaarj scientists suggest that the Scarred One has an incredible healing factor, allowing him to survive even the most devastating of injuries.
  • The only other USM Marines who were aware of the Scarred One's presence were Rogers, Marlow, and Myers.