The Manhunt (Return to Na Pali Episode II) is an upcoming campaign developed by UMS: R&D. Headed by Delacroix, this project serves as an unofficial sequel to Unreal: Return to Na Pali. It is being made in concert with Operation Stealth Claw (Return to Na Pali Episode III) and Na Pali War (Return to Na Pali Episode IV).

Level ListEdit

This campaign is currently unreleased.

The StoryEdit

The Manhunt begins where Return to Na Pali left off - with the crash of UMS Bodega Bay. The player, Bodega Bay's Executive Officer, must find a way off Na Pali, then locate and apprehend or eliminate the fugitive, Prisoner 849. Meanwhile, the Bodega Bay's Captain, John Clark, awakens in a Skaarj research facility and is subjected to a brutal interrogation. He manages to escape the facility but must find a way off the planet as well.