The Chronicles of Weedrow Vol. 1, also known as The Chronicles of Weedrow: The Quest for the Chalice of Awesome Evilness, is a collaborative mapping effort by Frieza, ebd, Mman, Z-enzyme, Turboman, Zacman, and ividyon. It makes extensive use of Unreal 227's various features.

Level ListEdit

1. The Chronicles of Weedrow: A Hero is Born

2. The Chronicles of Weedrow: Of Blobs and Chalices

3. The Chronicles of Weedrow: Taking on the Bloblet

The StoryEdit

The Chronicles of Weedrow: The Quest for the Chalice of Awesome Evilness is the result of an exercise in creating a story-heavy campaign where each mapper would build on the story the previous mapper established in his own section. Each mapper was completely free in where they chose to take the story next, for instance by introducing new characters or putting an interesting spin on the already established characters. Somehow, miraculously, a (mostly) coherent narrative emerged with a wide range of interesting and funny characters and plot twists, and we're sure you will have as much of a blast playing it as we had creating it.

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