Team Vortex is the team behind the behemoth of a pack, Operation: Na Pali - their debut release for Unreal Tournament, and DeathBall - a Mod for Unreal Tournament 2003.

Members (Operation Na Pali)Edit

David "DavidM" Munnich - Team Leader, Mapper, Texture Artist

Emil "Hyperion" Attlid - Mapper

Jannis "Dr.Pest" Borgers - Mapper

Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong - Mapper, Texture Artist

Heiko "Sm0k3r" Dreyer - Mapper

Rich "Akuma" Eastwood - Texture Artist, Modeller (Mapper - Cut Map)

Paul "Tonnberry" Fahss - Mapper, Public Relations

James "eVOLVE" Hamer-Morton - Cinematics, Voice Actor

Boris "Toxeen" Nonte - Composer

Florian "Strogg" Oswald - Texture Artist, Mapper

Daniel "MClane" Pflugbeil - Mapper

Jean "El Chicoverde" Rochefort - Mapper, Texture Artist, Modeller

"Silver Serpent" - Mapper

Damian "Chrome" Sosa - Voice Actor

Aaron "UsAaR33" Staley - Coder

Arjan "Evil_Atje" Vroegop - Mapper

Special ThanksEdit

Rene - Crosshair Artist

"Sinn" - Skaarj Jeep Modeller

"Icewulf" - Vortex Rikers 2 Modeller

"Da Gead" - Footstep Sounds Artist

"Nygrrrl" - Voice Actor

"Beppo" - NBSpecials Author

Steve "Slick Willy" Nabors - Firefly Script Author

Tim "Kew" Jervis - Mapper


Members whose contributions didn't make it into the final product

Jeremy "Faceless" Graves - Mapper

Maury "ruineR" de Geofroy - Mapper

Mikael "Lovi" Holm - Mapper

Norrin Radd - Voice Actor for the Demo

Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger - Mapper

Josh "Remorseless" Tyrell - Mapper

Mark "Papion" Simmons - Mapper

"Some" - Mapper

Members (DeathBall)Edit

David "DavidM" Munnich - Team Leader, Mapper

Arend "AnthrAX" Behrens - Texture Artist

Jannis "DrPest" Borgers - Mapper

Brett Briley - Modeller, Skinner

Jessica "Catalyst" - Coder

"Croaker" - Coder

"Goldeneye" - Coder

Jeroen "DaJero" "2Cool4U" de Haas - Coder

Paul "Tonnberry" Fahss - Mapper

Markus "Makush" Haikonen - Coder

Alex "Lehmi" Lehmann - Mapper

Michael "Mychaeel" - Coder

Boris "Toxeen" Nonte - Composer, Sound Artist

Daniel "MCLane" Pflugbeil - Mapper

Matthew "SuperBitch" Pratt - Coder

"Priior" - Sound Artist, HUD Artist

Denis "RedFox" - Mapper

Robert "SitDog" Sitton - Coder

Tom "TNSe" - Coder

Jordan "Tinman" Walker - Modeller, Skinner

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