Team Red Nemesis is the Team behind large and ambitious projects such as 7 Bullets and the upcoming Residual Decay.


(Team for 7 Bullets)

Will "Mr.Prophet" Drekker- Team Leader, Mapper, Texture Artist

Graeme "DarthWeasel" Hutton- Mapper, Texture Artist

Kevin "Waffnuffly" Letz- Mapper

James "eVOLVE" Hamer-Morton- Voice Actor

Aaron "UsAaR33" Staley- Coder

Eric "Eightball Maniac" Stryker- Gameplay Designer for "The Situation at Noork's Elbow"

Dana "Zynthetic" Nassick- Music

"Darkbeat"- Music

Dean "UArchitect" Tresadern- Texture Artist, Coder

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