SP2D (Single Player in 2D) is a mod by Team SP2D released in 2012.

Level ListEdit

Nali Castle SP2D flyby by Dean "UArchitect" Tresadern

  1. Escape to the Caves by Alexander "Kea" Popov and GTD-Carthage
  2. Snow 2 by Alexander "Kea" Popov and GTD-Carthage
  3. The Way to the Tower by Michael "Mgo" Navas and Derdak2rot
  4. Skoor' Ath Tower by Andrew "ebd" Jenner
  5. The Way to Karlaan by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron and Mgo
  6. The Karlaan Village by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron
  7. Karlaan Fortress by Alexander "Kea" Popov
  8. Skaarj attack the ship by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron
  9. Crash on Na Pali by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron
  10. Outpost 3E7 by Tobby "GTD-Carthage" Ong, Mgo and Derdak2rot
  11. The Epilogue by Tobby "GTD-Carthage" Ong
  12. Credits by Team SP2D

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