Royce Kelly
Kelly wrapped up in Spinner webs.
Biographical Information
Name Royce Kelly
Homeworld Earth
Physical Description
Species Terran
Gender Male
Chronological & Factional Information
Affiliation Vortex Rikers Prisoners, Dead Scorpions
Royce Kelly was a Dead Scorpion who died during a cave-in at the Temple of Vandora. He was described as a friend by Roland Kurgan, who wanted to give his friend a proper burial.

Diary entriesEdit

Royce Kelly's diary: The Nali herbs have helped my fever...but I'm too weak to move. Ash made a last ditch effort to find help...or at least he said that was his plan. Fucking asshole...probably just saving his own skin like he did when the Rikers was going down. Can't say I blame him though...I would have done the same if our situations were reversed. I'm writing this last entry because I've come to accept the obvious...I'm going to die down here. I'm going to die and I never did anything. I'm a rotten person, I deserve to be dead. I could turn my gun on myself but there's no style in suicide. I'm just gonna sit here and let the little bastards come...