Roland Kurgan
Kurgan patrolling the Temple of Vandora.
Biographical Information
Homeworld Earth
Physical Description
Species Terran
Hair Colour Black with Grey streaks.
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Tanned
Chronological & Factional Information
Affiliation Dead Scorpions
Roland Kurgan was a member of the Dead Scorpions, a pirate group made up of survivors from the crash of the Vortex Rikers. He left his thoughts down in several diaries. He was close friends with fellow survivors Ash, Royce Kelly, Bueller, and Connor. He was stationed at The Temple of Vandora when he was killed by Jones.

Diary entriesEdit

Roland Kurgan's diary: Me and Dorian tried to find a way into the lower passage that collapsed 8 months ago. Still no luck, the whole section has completely been cut off. When the place went down, four of our guys were in there, including Ash. Then we got Uziel and Peter as replacements, but you don't just replace guys like Ash, Kelly, Bueller, and Connor. I'm hoping we can at least find a way in there to give them a proper burial. These guys were my friends.

Roland Kurgan's diary: Petra and those crazy White Lotus freaks have been here for days now and the others are all on edge. I think the White Lotus guys freak them out, myself included but I try not to show it. Petra only seems to converse with them, her comlink that opens a channel to Drago, and myself. I guess she remembers me from the Rikers. God, seems so long ago. Today I have to round up the Nali still hanging around and execute them. I'd rather keep them around since they know alot about harvesting the herbs and mineral ore, but then again I can't risk the tall bastards helping any USM soldiers when and if they do show up. We can always get more Nali.

Roland Kurgan's work report: We salvaged as many supplies as we could from Passage E through G before they completely collapsed. We gave up trying to search for the bodies of our friends who were trapped inside, there's just too much rubble. I'm boarding up the doors to these corridors. Aside from the lift over here that leads to the old Theater, this area is pretty much useless. We'll use the hallways as supply storage until the rockslides have stopped and we can begin digging again.


Apparently, Kurgan was extremely afraid of the White Lotus.