Weapon Info
Weapon Name Assault Rifle
Weapon Type Bullet
Projectile Single slug
Commonly referred to as the "Pocket Howitzer," this five-foot-long blaster packs an incredible wallop. Formerly used as a hunting rifle in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, it was useful for taking down the biggest game.
  • Primary Fire: Long range, very powerful, very accurate.
  • Secondary Fire: Scope.


  • The beta version of the Rifle lacked a scope - instead, its secondary fire was a triple burst of slugs that was less accurate but better for close-quarters combat. The Unreal Manual was not updated to refer to the scope as the Rifle's secondary fire.
  • The rifle has several animations in which a scope is present. In Unreal, this cannot be seen while in game. In Unreal Tournament, however, the scope is present.

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