B. Redrickson was a Dead Scorpion noteworthy for his mental instability. He had an irrational hatred and fear of the Terraniux, which he believed was talking to him. He was killed by the Scarred One.

Diary entriesEdit

B. Redrickson's diary: I hate it. I hate guarding this place. The Dead Machine stalks me from the other side of the cave. At night I can hear it breathing. Still breathing. Sometimes it looks at me funny, and it makes me really upset. It taunts me. It tries to get me to do things I don't want to do. One day I'm going to make it stop talking. It can't talk forever when it's supposed to be dead. I'm going to make it stop talking.

B. Redrickson's Diary: The Dead Machine has a friend now - a mobile one. I saw it once... Last night when the suns began to hide away, it crawled down from the vines and walked on the Dead Machine's nose. It looked around, and when it saw me, it stared. I think it's a cyclops. It had a single red eye that glowed in the dark. I shouted at it and it ran away. Then the Dead Machine started talking to me. It was taunting me and I got very angry, so I threw ammo crates at it. Mr. Hemgrie shot my arm, so I stopped. I hope the little friend comes back tonight. Maybe together, when I persuade it to join me, we can make the Dead Machine stop talking for good.

B. Redrickson's diary: I tried to make it go away. I used a drilling tool from the work crew's toolbox to get the voices out of my head. But it didn't work, and I'm bleeding everywhere. That machine... it keeps laughing at me! I know the cyclops is near. I will attempt to contact it. Jonas is watching my post anyway. Yes, the Cyclops is behind the Dead Machine I bet. Certainly. He is the only one who understands. The others just think I'm crazy. But not the cyclops. He understands me. He is my friend...


Redrickson attempted to befriend the Scarred One, believing that they could work together to silence the Terraniux.

According to Mason, Redrickson went insane after the Vortex Rikers crashed.