Biographical Information
Name Quincy
Homeworld Earth
Physical Description
Species Terran
Gender Male
Hair Colour Bald
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Fair
Chronological & Factional Information
Affiliation Dead Scorpions
Quincy was a Dead Scorpion who is notable for having seen the Scarred One enter the wreckage of the ISV-Kran. He was stationed at the Vandora's Temple ruins when he was killed by Jones.

Journal entriesEdit

Quincy, journal: I saw a strange thing this morning. I was hiking to a old formation near the Kran wreck, above the Trench line as Drago and his squad were preparing to ambush the soldiers. I watched the fight take place from afar, but something by the Kran caught my eye. It looked like a Skaarj but it was emerged from some kind of vent hatch on the outer hull and glared at me. His eye glowed bright red, like some kind of demon. My first thought was my weapon, but before I could aim the creature was gone.

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