Project Zephon

Project Zephon is a large map pack by Team Zephon which is heavily based on the ice theme started by Hourences' map, The Genome Warriors.

Level ListEdit

Zephon Intro by Tobby "GTD-Carthage" Ong, WhirlWindWabbit and Derdak2rot

  1. UMS Sakura Crashsite by Tobby "GTD-Carthage" Ong
  2. Genesis Outpost by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron
  3. The Eldora Caves by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron
  4. Krogaar Outpost by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron
  5. Skaarj Nitrogen Mining Outpost by Kimmo "Cardiologist" Kontto
  6. Mercenary Ship by Kimmo "Cardiologist" Kontto
  7. The Nurgle Village by L.J. Paranoid and Derdak2rot
  8. Entrance to the Lost Mines by milb and Derdak2rot
  9. The Underground Mining Facility by Kimmo "Cardiologist" Kontto
  10. The Lost Skaarj Ship - Part 1 by Jure "WhirlWindWabbit" Vertelj
  11. The Lost Skaarj Ship - Part 2 by Kimmo "Cardiologist" Kontto
  12. The Extreme Battle by Nr. 2000 and Derdak2rot

Zephon Outro by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron