Peter Saint
Biographical Information
Homeworld Earth
Physical Description
Species Terran
Gender Male
Hair Colour Bald
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Fair
Chronological & Factional Information
Affiliation Dead Scorpions
Peter Saint was a Dead Scorpion who was stationed at the Temple of Vandora.

Diary entriesEdit

Peter Saint's diary: Me, Benny, and Kurgan set up a few turrets in various parts of the temple. I personally don't like working with Benny. Rapists make me sick, and I heard he busted up Zofia pretty good. This sent Boris off the deep end, I caught him standing over Benny with a gun to the guy's temple in the middle of the night. I talked him out of it, but he looked like he really lost it. Fucking Benny didn't even wake up, idiot came this close to death and he doesn't even realize it.