Nali Chronicles
Nali Chronicles Logo
Map Pack Info
Map Pack Name Nali Chronicles
Developer NCTeam
No. of Maps 27
Soundtrack Nali Chronicles Soundtrack
Release Date 2003 (Part 1) 2005 (Full)
Game Info
Game Platform Unreal Tournament
Engine Unreal Engine 1.0
Team Members
Mapper(s) Sergey "Eater" Levin

Guilhem "Gui" Bedos Alex "Darkwaver" Hoffmann Su "N3utr0n" Wang Patrick "Sram" Funk Jeff "Flunders" Smyth

Artist(s) Sergey "Eater" Levin

Su "N3utr0n" Wang Michael Dustin "Drv" Fair

Coder(s) Sergey "Eater" Levin
Composer(s) Oliver "Ole" Saunders

Nali Chronicles is a Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament by NCTeam and was released in April 2005.


It was the coming of the dark Third Age of Suffering for the Nali people as the great Prophet in his secret halls summoned a messenger to his side. The Prophet ordered for the guild of mages to scatter. To hide in the forests, villages, and swamps, to hide from the demons that were coming from the sky.

The village of NaRaLuk has avoided the attention of the demons for two hundred years, but its days are at an end. The demons are coming for this outpost of power and the Nali mages must fulfill the ancient mission bestowed on them by the Prophet.

You play the part of a Nali Mage on a mission. A skilled mage will have many abilities at his disposal. You will be able to use weapons and interact with your environment as well as invoke powerful spells, but such abilities are only useful if applied correctly. As the environment around you is one built by Nali, you will be able to read messages left by those before you and observe the words of the gods written on the walls. Those of importance will automatically stored be for future reference. As a Nali you are able to talk to other Nali, for the benefit of those who do not understand their language, an English translator has been built into the game. These conversations will not be interactive. The mod includes, custom music, custom weapons, spells, new pickups, a potion mixing feature and others all integrated by a new Nali-style HUD.

Level ListEdit

Nali Chronicles - Title by Su "N3utr0n" Wang

The Training Sanctuary by Sergey "Eater" Levin

Nali Chronicles by Su "N3utr0n" Wang and Eater

1. NaRaLuk Village by Sergey "Eater" Levin

2. Temple of Gazra by Sergey "Eater" Levin

3. Jardi Village by Sergey "Eater" Levin

4. Dranoo Village and Dranoo Path by Sergey "Eater" Levin

Leaving for the Island by Sergey "Eater" Levin (Cutscene)

5. The Ghost Island by Jeff "Flunders" Smyth

Leaving from the Island by Sergey "Eater" Levin (Cutscene)

6. GraDjik's Path by Sergey "Eater" Levin

7. Moonspire Gate by Guilhem "Gui" Bedos

8a. Moonspire (Part 1) by Guilhem "Gui" Bedos

8b. Moonspire (Part 2) by Guilhem "Gui" Bedos

9. The Cavern Cellars by Su "N3utr0n" Wang

10a. The Nali Sandcanyon (Part 1) by Alex "DarkWaver" Hoffmann

10b. The Nali Sandcanyon (Part 2) by Alex "DarkWaver" Hoffmann

The Escape by Alex "DarkWaver" Hoffmann (Cutscene)

11. Cerberus Castle by Patrick "Sram" Funk

12. Skaarj Laboratory by Patrick "Sram" Funk

13. Demon City by Alex "DarkWaver" Hoffmann

14. Outskirts of Skaarj City by Sergey "Eater" Levin

15. The Prophet's Palace by Sergey "Eater" Levin

The End of the Prophet's Castle by Sergey "Eater" Levin (Cutscene)

16. The Temple of Zakaran by Jeff "Flunders" Smyth

17. The Sea of Despair by Su "N3utr0n" Wang

18. Temple of Gazra (Revisited) by Sergey "Eater" Levin

19. The Battle at NyLeve's Falls by Sergey "Eater" Levin

The Summoning by Sergey "Eater" Levin



ASMD Assault Rifle

Krall Staff

Nali DaGraz Gun

Nali Quadbow

Short Nali Sword


Skaarj Cannon

Skaarj Pistol

Skaarj Krun'ta Rocket Launcher

Staff of the Prophet



Alchemy Book

Armor Leather Vest

Bloodlust Potion (Vial, Bottle)

Cursed Water

Dark Mana Potion (Vial, Bottle)

DaStook Leaves



Healing Fruit Essence

Healing Potion (Vial, Bottle)

Holy Water



Mana Potion (Vial, Bottle)

Mixing Vial

Mixing Bottle

Nali Fruit Seeds

Nali Healing Fuit (Bits)

Nali Wine

Potion Boiler

Skaarj Heart of Power

Skaarj Stim Patch

Slith Eggs

Speed potion (Vial, Bottle)

Spell Casting Potion (Vial, Bottle)

Vitality Potion (Vial, Bottle)



Master NiVuNaDuuk


Guild of Mages

Nali Rebels

The Jade Claws


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