Sergey "Eater" Levin- Team Leader, Lead Mapper, Coder, Lead Texture Artist, Lead Modeller

Guilhem "Gui" Bedos- Mapper

Patrick "Sram" Funk- Mapper

Alex "DarkWaver" HoffMann- Mapper

Michael- HUD Artist

Oliver "Ole" Saunders- Lead Composer, Lead Sound Artist

Jeff "Flunders" Smyth- Mapper

Su "N3utr0n" Wang- Mapper


Members' whose contributions were not included in the final product

"Bilbo Baggins" - Mapper

Rob "Doublez-Down" Collins - Mapper

"DeathBliss"- Mapper

Dustin " Drm" Fair- Mapper, Modeller

"Gothic"- Mapper

Charles "Accipiter" King - Mapper

Geddy Lee - Modeller

"Liquid Pascal" - Composer

Simon - Mapper

"Slash" - Mapper

"Tronic" - Mapper

"Verzuz" - Mapper

"Willis" - Mapper

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