Lieutenant Ethan Crowley
Biographical Information
Name Ethan Crowley
Homeworld Earth
Physical Description
Species Terran
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Grey
Skin Colour Tanned
Chronological & Factional Information
Affiliation USM
"I'll see you in Hell."
―Lt. Ethan Crowley — SpeakericonListen (file info)[src]
Lieutenant Ethan Crowley was a member of the USM Ice Raven crew, and a good friend of Jones. He bled to death while being held captive by the Dead Scorpions.


"I'm sorry Crowley. I'll make it right, old friend."
―Jones — SpeakericonListen (file info)[src]
Crowley was a close friend of Jones. When he learned that his friend was dead, Jones swore to recover the data template and kill Drago. When he was safely on the USM Ice Raven, Jones could be seen drinking, mourning his lost friend.

Log entriesEdit

"I'm leaving this entry open for Jones. If you're reading this then our plan to attack the temple failed and I'm either captured or dead. So listen up my friend, the enemy still has the data template, and they have it at their outpost which is a mile north of here. You have to get there Jones, one way or another. There is a locking mechanism somewhere in this temple for the gate that blocks the path to their facility. Forget about us, complete your mission! Good luck Jones."

E.Crowley, Log: Jones, if you find this last entry then it means I'm probably dead. No matter what, you have to get that template! It must NOT fall into Drago's hands! The lives lost down here will be meaningless if we lose that template. Please, don't let me down my friend. Sorry things turned out this way; I guess my number was up. Don't blame yourself Jones. There was nothing you could do. We all pay our seven bullets someday. At least I have nothing left to hide; my sins are behind me now, but you still have a job to do! It was an honor being your friend...