Jozak was a Dead Scorpion who managed certain pirate operations. He was primarily concerned with preserving the dwindling supply of drinking water.

Diary entriesEdit

Jozak's Diary: Well, we got real lucky. With the reactor polluting all the water within a really huge radius, it looked for a while like we were gonna have to stop our operations here and resort to older power methods in order to preserve our water supply. But thanks to all those barrels of purification chemicals we recovered from the Kran, we'll be able to add a bit to the wells every now and then to be sure we have stuff to drink. We're also going right ahead and bottling as much as we can to save for later. Hopefully, though, by the time the purifier runs out, we'll have the pollution problems solved.

Jozak's Diary: Ha HA! I've been promoted to Water Manager now by Drago. He told me to go ahead and oversee the purification operations. This has been a good week for me. And we have at least ten years' worth of barrels scattered around the base now, too. I wonder why the Kran had so much of this stuff. Before the Skaarj showed up there, that is. Well, we'll make good use of it; that's for sure. So long as Redrickson in the Terraniux cave doesn't drop any more barrels. He said he tripped and a few went over the catwalks. Mason, though, said he threw them, shouting stuff. Weird.