GES Biorifle
Weapon Info
Weapon Name GES Biorifle
Weapon Type Tarydium (sludge)
Projectile Tarydium sludge/Charged glob
A testament to creative recycling, this weapon uses volatile Tarydium waste for ammunition. The highly unstable nature of this waste makes the GES Biorifle more powerful than its Tarydium-using cousin, the Stinger.
  • Primary Fire: Tarydium sludge projectiles explode on contact with living tissue and adhere to most other surfaces for a short time before exploding.
  • Secondary Fire: Hold down the secondary fire button to launch a larger, more powerful glob of sludge. The longer you hold down the secondary fire button, the bigger the glob (up to 500% sludge).


  • The Biorifle makes an appearance in the Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament series of games. Its core functionality remains the same throughout.
  • "GES" stands for Green Exploding Shit.

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