Weapon Info
Weapon Name Eightball Rocket Launcher
Weapon Type Explosive
Projectile Rocket/Grenade
The weapon of choice for the demolitionist at heart. The 8-ball launcher fires both rockets and grenades, singly or up to six at once. Rockets explode on contact, while grenades explode two to three seconds after they are launched. Center your aim on your target to initiate the 8-ball launcher's heat-seeking lock.
  • Primary Fire: Rocket launcher. Hold down fire button to load multiple rockets. To fire rockets in a tight circle, press both primary fire and secondary fire simultaneously and release the primary fire button as rockets are loading.
  • Secondary Fire: Grenade launcher. Hold down fire button to load multiple grenades.


  • "Eightball" refers to a popular game of pool/pocket billiards rather than the number of rockets than can be fired. This has been a source of confusion to some fans, as the gun can only fire a maximum of six rockets at once rather than the expected eight.

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