Ash was a security guard on board the UMS Vortex Rikers. He is featured in the Unreal manual, where he appears unsympathetic to the player's pleas to escape and refuses to disable the plasma gates trapping the prisoners.


"What do you thinks going on, genius? We're going down. Now shut your yap and strap yourself in."


  • Ash is featured as a playable character.
  • He makes an appearance in 7 Bullets as a member of the Dead Scorpions, a group of survivors from the Vortex Rikers crash. He was part of a team tasked with exploring the ruins of the Temple of Vandora, and was killed by an infected wound from a spider bite. He was considered a close friend by Roland Kurgan.
  • While serving as a guard on board the Vortex Rikers, Ash was seen with his "ever-present" log book, indicating that he carried it with him frequently.

Diary entriesEdit

Ash's diary: "It has been a week since my team got trapped in these old tunnels. The cave-in has blocked every passage out of here, believe me we've looked. The Spinners keep coming, crawling out of the fucking walls...we're low on ammo and food. Kelly has a fever, I don't think he'll make it through the night. I wish there was a way to signal the others and let them know we're still alive, but the ground is too thick. No way they could hear us. The spider bite on my arm has been itching alot lately. I hope it isn't infected. I can't believe I survived the Rikers to die like this..."