7 Bullets
7 Bullets Logo
Map Pack Info
Map Pack Name 7 Bullets
Developer Team Red Nemesis
No. of Maps 14
Soundtrack 7 Bullets Original Soundtrack
Release Date 29th November, 2004
Game Info
Game Platform Unreal Tournament
Engine Unreal Engine 1.0
Team Members
Mapper(s) Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker

Graeme "DarthWeasel" Hutton

Kevin "Waffnuffly" Letz

Artist(s) Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker

Dean "UArchitect" Tresadern

Graeme "DarthWeasel" Hutton

Kevin "Waffnuffly" Letz

Coder(s) Aaron "UsAar33" Staley

Dean "UArchitect" Tresadern

Composer(s) Darkbeat

Dana "zYnthetic" Nassick

Voice Actor(s) James "eVOLVE" Hamer-Morton

7 Bullets is a large campaign by Team Red Nemesis. It was released in 2004 and was well recieved by its audience.

Level ListEdit

  1. S e v e n  B u l l e t s by Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker and Myscha
  2. Infiltration of the Kran by Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker and Myscha
  3. The Rogue by Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker and Myscha
  4. Slight Complication by Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker and Juan-Pancho Eekels
  5. Familiar Odds by Graeme "DarthWeasel" Hutton and Mr. Prophet
  6. The Lost Passage of Vandora by Graeme "DarthWeasel" Hutton
  7. The Guardian of Vandora's Pass by Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker
  8. Tension at Vandora's Temple by Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker and Shane Caudle
  9. The Situation at Noork's Elbow by Eric "EightBall Maniac" Stryker, Mr. Prophet and Juan-Pancho Eekels
  10. Beneath the Terraniux by Kevin "Waffnuffly" Letz, Mr. Prophet and DarthWeasel
  11. The Dead Scorpions by Graeme "DarthWeasel" Hutton and Mr. Prophet
  12. Unfinished Business by Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker
  13. The Ghost of Oraghar by Will "Mr. Prophet" Drekker
  14. Departure by Team Red Nemesis



The Machine Mag

The Quadshot

The Flechette Cannon

The Combat Assault Rifle Mk3

The XP Chaingun

The ASMD Shock Rifle

The Bloodpack Ripper

The Inuit Sniper Rifle

The USM Plasma Rifle

The Grenade Launcher



USM AntiGrav Boots

USM Body Armor

USM Thigh Pads


Egg Layer


Pupae Brood

Praetorian Brood

Bloodpack Commando

Spinner Queen

Terran Pirate

Terran Pirate Commando

Terran Pirate Sniper

White Lotus Assassin



Lieutenant Ethan Crowley

The Scarred One





Bloodpack Skaarj

Dead Scorpions