Here listed are the events of the year 2011...


1st - New Rrajigar is announced.

2nd - The Day of the Titan is announced.

17th - Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce, founder of UnrealSP.Org, says goodbye to the community.


10th - DeadCity 4 is announced.

25th - Unreal Grief Chapter 2 is released.

27th - The Ikarion Cooperation is announced.


1st - Crystal Mine 3 is announced.

19th - The Man from AHRG is released.

20th - Escape from Fith Prison is announced.

24th - TorchFlame Fix 1.0 is released.


5th - Unreal Patch 227g is released.

13th - Legacy, a remake of Unreal on the Unreal Tournament 3 platform, is announced.

16th - Return to Napali II: Napali War is announced.

21th - UnrealSP.Org 10th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest begins.


5th - Unreal Patch 227h is released.

17th - Escape from Fith Prison is cancelled.

23rd - Infernal Devices is announced.


4th - Unreallity: Wrath of the Skaarj is announced.

8th - The Olympia Chronicles is announced.

13th - ChasmVille is announced.

14th - DawnBreaker is announced.

18th - Another Reality is announced.

20th - Exhumed Powerslave II is released.

25th - Study in Black is announced.

28th - Crystal Mine 3 is released.


9th - RTNP: Ultimate Edition is announced.

18th - An alpha version of Escape from Fith Prison (along with another unfinished map) is released.


9th - The Fifth Vortex: Ehactora's Story is announced.

26th - The Unreal Bible is publicly released.

30th - The Chronicles of Weedrow Vol. 1 is released.


24th - The Skeletal Slith (a slith that uses skeletal animations) is released.


3rd - RTNP: Ultimate Edition is released.

16th - Helix: Alien Legion is announced.

21st - Unreal: 1996 - 1997 Remake is announced.

24th - The final version of Forest Run is released.

27th - Unreal 1 HD, a remake of Unreal on the Unreal Tournament 3 platform, is announced.