Here listed are the events of the year 2010...


3rd - Project Xenome: First Day is released.

19th - Bob - Everybody Needs a Friend is released.

25th - Unreal Forgotten is released. It is the first Single Player campaign to make use of the 227 patch's  features.


19th - The Man from AHRG is released.


22nd - Unreal's 12th Birthday


13th - Unreal: Forgotten patch is released.

14th - The Last Fortress final version is released.

21st - Vacillations of a Victorian Vagrant is released.


12th - The Installation is released.

13th - Return the Heart is released.

25th - EXU2: BATSHIT INSANE demo 4 is released.


3rd - Project Shinjigen is announced.

6th - Ressurection is announced.

17th - Project Zephon patch 2.0 is released.


13th - Gothic Ressurection is released. EXU2: G59 is announced.

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