Here listed are the events of the year 2009...


20th - Survive the Past is announced.


9th - EXU2: BATSHIT INSANE demo 3 is released.

19th - WTF Series 2 is announced.


9th - Mission Pack Zero is announced.

27th - Project Xenome is released before being withdrawn soon after due to the fact that parts of others' maps were included without permission. Limbo Difficulty Mutator is released.


5th - Project: Insecurity is announced.


15th - Unreal patch 227f is released.

22nd - Unreal's 11th Birthday.


15th - The UnrealSP.Org 8th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest is announced.

21st - Tre - Last Life, a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 3, is announced.

27th - Tactics UT is announced.


29th - Tre Last Life Part 1 is released.


6th - Unreal Podcast 1 is released.

18th - Unreal Grief Chapter 1 is released.

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