Here listed are the events of the year 2006...


4th - Return to Ny Leve demo is released.

14th - Unreal: Skaarj Unleashed is cancelled. The team joins forces with that of Lost Secrets of Na Pali.


19th - Project Zephon is announced.


8th - Unreal Remix Project announced. Xidia Gold final fix released.


- Final Retribution is announced.

- United Defence Research is announced.

- Antalius is announced.

- Is'kre Base One is cancelled.

- Blood Oath is cancelled.


2nd - Excessive Unreal 2 is released.

26th - Leave None Behind is cancelled due to it being lost in a computer failure.


9th - RParticles is released.

10th - Firestorm Trailer released.

15th - Skaarj Evasion and Darkcloud Rising are cancelled.


4th - Quake II Mission Pack - Area 55 is announced.


7th - Lost Secrets of Na Pali cancelled. Broken Alliance cancelled in October :P.

9th - Battle for Na Pali trailer is released.

13th - Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong's book The Hows and Whys of Level Design is announced.

16th - The Chosen One trailer is released.


10th - The Hows and Whys of Level Design is released.

28th - EXU2: BATSHIT INSANE demo is released.

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