Here listed are the events of the year 2005...


2nd - The Last Queen is announced. 7Bullets Patch is released.

4th - First map of The Last Queen, Bad Cargo is released.

5th -  Sky Canyons is announced.

6th - The SP2D v0.75 demo is released.

8th - The Human/Skaarj War is announced.

25th - SP2D Demo updated to v0.91


2nd - Unreal: Reloaded, Unreal remake in Unreal Tournament 2004, announced.

19th - Darkcloud Rising is announced.

25th - SP-Plateau and Saving Na Pali are announced.


14th - Nightmare Asylum is announced.


11th - Nali Chroncles Part 2 is released.

16th - Na Pali Odyssey - Episode One: Sky Escape is released.

17th - Return to NyLeve, a single player pack for Unreal Tournament 2004, is announced.


2nd - Dark Territory demo is released.

23rd - Unreal's 7th Birthday.


2nd - Residual Decay is announced.

3rd - Skaarj Tower: The Fall of Seethe, sequel to Skaarj Tower: Shadow and Fire, is released.

23rd - The 7 Day Seige is announced.

27th - Temple of Na Pali is announced.

30th - Unreallity Episode One is released.


7th - Legend of Vandora, Large Campaign for Unreal Tournament 2004, is cancelled.

11th - Broken Alliance is announced.

29th - Plateau of Na'Bpah is released.


3rd - Unreal 1997 Beta located.

4th - Last Escape from Na Pali is announced. SkaarjOps is also announced.

12th - Hard Crash is partially released due to the disappearance of Silver Serpent. Queen and Warlord: The Kith'ara'li Artifact is announced.

17th - SP-Plateau2 is announced. The "Single Player Framework" for Unreal Tournament 2004 is released, giving people an opportunity to create single player projects for that platform.

25th - Hell is released for Unreal 2 by "EvilBoone"

30th - Last Escape from Na Pali is released.


18th - Nature Temple is announced.


19th - Unreal: Skaarj Unleashed demo is released.

25th - Darkcloud Rising is put on hold.