Here listed are the events of the year 2003...


15th - Unreal II: The Awakening is announced.


3rd - Unreal II: The Awakening is released.

6th - Spatial Fear Patch 1.1 is released.

13th - Spatial Fear Patch 1.2 is announced.

26th - Alien Shadows, a small campaign for Unreal 2, and Freeze Factor, a small campaign for Unreal Gold, are announced.

28th - Na Pali Heaven, a large campaign for Unreal 2, is announced.


13th - Alien Shadows is released.


7th - Zero Black is released.

15th - Na Pali: Broken is lost. Colonisation Factor (a campaign for ONP) is announced.


21st - Deja Vu: Gryphon Revisited is released in celebration of UnrealSP.Org's 2nd birthday.


30th - Sky Isles, a preview of a proposed map pack, is released.


14th - Part 1 of Nali Chronicles is released.

17th - Jaunie locates the Unreal 1995 Tech Demo.

29th - Unreal: Return to Mars, an unofficial sequel to Unreal, is announced.

31st - Na Pali Haven: Redux, a single map for Unreal Tournament, is released.


5th - 7 Bullets is announced.

22nd - Na Pali Heaven for Unreal 2 is cancelled. The single map, Morene, is announced. Cellars of Na'Adriel, a small campign for Unreal Tournament, is also announced.


5th - The Nightmare's Beginning, a single map for Unreal Tournament, is announced.

12th - Axiom Shift is announced.

16th - Morene is released.


20th - Spatial Fear Patch 1.2 is released.

27th - Excessive Unreal 1 is Released.

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