Here listed are the events of the year 2002...


1st - Operation: Na Pali second trailer is released.

2nd - Willis pack is announced.

3rd - The Beginning is cancelled so that work on The Journey can begin again.


9th - Xidia is announced.


19th - Xidia is released.

28th - Above the Clouds is announced.


4th - Attacked! is released.

9th - Skull is renamed The Odyssey.


4th - Operation: Na Pali is released.

7th - Operation: Na Pali patch 1.1 is released.

9th - Operation: Na Pali patch 1.2 is released.

20th - Xidia: The Escape is announced as an addon to Xidia. It would later become Xidia Gold.

30th - Operation: Na Pali patch 1.3 patch is released.


15th - Unreal Enhanced Mutator is released.


14th - Unreal Tournament 2003 demo is released.

22nd - Xidia Gold is released.

24th - Xidia Gold patch is released.

30th - Unreal Tournament 2003 is released.


4th - Spatial Fear trailer is released.

10th - Spatial Fear second trailer is released.

15th - Team Phalanx receives the "Dedication Award" from ModDB


4th - Xidia Gold final patch is released.


10th - Spatial Fear is released.

21st - Tygranian Outpost is released.

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