Here listed are the events of the year 2001...

January Edit

21st - Thrall Village by Daniel Norton is released for Unreal


21st - UnrealSP.Org goes live.


4th - The Journey is announced

9th - Na Pali: Broken is announced.

17th - Attacked! is announced.

25th - Jailbreak is released.


7th - Shia'dorle is announced. Operation: Na Pali demo is released.

30th - The Beginning is announced.


21st - The Landing: Unfinished is released. Ortican is released.

25th - The Project "Kenophobia" has its name changed to Spatial Fear.

27th - Skull is announced.


11th - Naveed pack is announced.

14th - Zero Black is announced.

18th - Xerania's Fall patch 3 is released.

19th - Earth Assault is announced.


15th - Naveed pack is put on hold.

30th - Operation: Na Pali trailer is released.

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