Here listed are the events of the year 1999...


1st - Unreal for Macintosh is released.


1st - The Tower of Zi' Ki' is released.

2nd - The Vigil 99 is released for Unreal by Holger Huck.

20th - deCyber Duel is released for Unreal by Simon "EZkeel" West-Bulford. (His Birthday)


29th - Glacier Moon is released for Unreal by Matthew Bradley. 31st - Jiganara Kingdom is released for Unreal by Mattias "Uran-238" Ekh.


22nd - Unreal's 1st Birthday.

- The Ruins of Nali'Pente is released for Unreal.


10th - Tarmation - The Tiradium Sublimation is released.

26th - Return to Na Pali is released.


2nd - 3 Crystals is released.

3rd - Escape from the Cathedral is released for Unreal by Danilo Di Mascio.

5th - Sirius 38f3: The Unknown Planet is released.


19th - Spantobi - Unexpected Threat is released.


30th - Satanic Church is released. The Sky Shard is released for Unreal by Edd "EddX" McRobbie


6th - The Living Planet is released.

26th - Shamu Quest Part 1 is released.

24th - Tarmation 2 - A Rude Awakening is released.

27th - One Day is released.


23rd - Unreal Tournament]] is released.


19th - Blue Lanes is released by Bernard TEXIER

22nd - Cadet Simulation Exercise is released for Unreal by David Smith.

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